Amicable debt recovery

Why should we succeed in recovering your debts when you have not succeeded in-house?

There is not one single reason, but several that may explain it. Let’s try to list them:

Our experience:

Our people have been dealing with difficult debt recovery cases for over 25 years. If you too had been handling debt recovery cases for that length of time, you would be able to track down the cases and make a convincing argument to debtors.

Our access to professional tools which you do not have:

From both a financial and legal point of view, our tools enable us to seize opportunities and recover debts that you would have been unable to recover if you had not entrusted us with those cases.

Our training:

Our debt recovery agents are legal experts who have developed expertise in the defense of debt cases. They are skilled negotiators and will often succeed in revering your debt amicably.

Our strategic approach:

Every case has its strengths and weaknesses which we bear in mind when developing a specific strategy for each case in order to succeed in collecting the debt. It is our customized approach to each case that sets us apart.

Our availability:

Unlike you who have other, more urgent and important work to do, this is our full-time occupation. You deal with debt recovery when you have the time. We always have the time, which changes everything in our approach to your debtor.

Our distance from your client:

You will often be close to your client which is a disadvantage when it comes to debt recovery. We are a third party and therefore can be more formal and more objective than you. We can also be dispassionate which helps to resolve some cases. Generally you will be dealing with two types of debtors who are difficult for you to manage in-house:

  1. Those who act in good faith but find themselves in a difficult situation in spite of their good intentions.
  2. Habitual debtors who have more experience of debt than you do of being a creditor and confrontation works in their favor.

Our tenacity:

We never give up. Because our remuneration depends on it as does our reputation.