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About us

- Bureau Gestion Recouvrement, Sarl founded in May 1993, located in Fort de France

- Affiliated to the Syndicat des cabinets de Recouvrement de créances et renseignements commerciaux (ANCR).

- Partnerships with companies, both with and without their own debt recovery service.

- Outsourcing of all or part of the management of outstanding payments whilst retaining control of cases and permanent monitoring of their development.

- A team of professionals including managers, legal experts, and field agents.

- A network of legal professionals including attorneys, huissiers, and experts.

Our philosophy

Our Mission

ABOVE ALL to act as MEDIATORS. Finding common ground with your debtor is the key to final settlement of the debt in the shortest possible time.

From the moment we begin managing your cases, we contact your debtor in a firm manner via written and telephone reminders following a predetermined scenario: notice to pay, final demand, notification of legal proceedings, etc.

Negotiations will also be undertaken with your debtor to set up a scrupulously monitored repayment plan.

An acknowledgement of debt will then be signed to guarantee the validity of your claim.

A home visit is automatically arranged if your debtor ignores our reminders.


This is how we work:

  • BGR CARAÏBES can take charge of the case as soon as the bill is sent out or whenever you deem it prudent. BGR gets paid on results, so there is no risk to you and a requirement for us to succeed!
  • We offer you a range of custom, scalable options. Our rates are reasonable, clear, without hidden costs, and are fixed to maintain your margins.
  • Our follow-up procedures are not standardized. We put the emphasis on respect and understanding in order to maintain the business relationship you have established with your client.
  • The BGR CARAÏBES intranet website allows you to monitor your cases online. We are also there to ensure that we progress together in a transparent manner.

Rules of professional conduct

A regulated profession

The business of debt recovery is regulated by the decree of December 18th, 1996 which imposes obligations:

With regard to the directors (Article 2) :

  • To be able to prove that they have taken out a contract of insurance covering them against the financial consequences of professional liability which they may incur in the course of their business.
  • To be able to prove that they hold an account with a lending institution as described in article 18-1 of the law of January 24th, 1984, or one of the institutions or establishments as described in article 8 of the same law. This account should be reserved exclusively for the receipt of funds collected on behalf of creditors.

Proof of the obligations set out in the preceding paragraphs should be provided, before the start of any business activity, via a declaration in writing by those concerned to be handed or delivered to the Procureur de la République at the Tribunal de Grande Instance within whose jurisdiction the registered office of their business is located. The Procureur de la République may at any time verify that those concerned are complying with the obligations set out in this article.

With regard to the client (Article 3):

The persons mentioned in the first article may not carry out amicable debt collection until a written agreement has been drawn up with the creditor in which they are given the power to receive sums on their behalf.

This agreement should set out the following with precision:

  1. The legal grounds and the total amount outstanding, with precise details of the different elements that make up the debt (s) to be recovered from the debtor.
  2. The terms and conditions of the guarantee given to the creditor against the financial consequences of the civil liability incurred by the creditors’ debt recovery activity.
  3. The conditions for determining the remuneration for which the creditor is responsible.
  4. The conditions for repayment of the funds collected on behalf of the creditor.

With regard to the debtor (Article 4):

The person responsible for the amicable debt recovery should send the debtor a letter containing the following information:

  1. The names or company names of the person responsible for the amicable debt collection, their address or registered office (siège social), and a statement that they operate an amicable debt recovery business.
  2. The names or company names of the creditor, their address or registered office (siège social).
  3. The legal grounds and the total amount outstanding in principal, interest, and other items. The different elements of the debt must be itemized and should not include the costs which remain the responsibility of the creditor as set out in the third paragraph of article 32 of the law of July 9th, 1991.
  4. A statement of their obligation to pay the outstanding amount and the terms of payment of the debt.
  5. A reproduction of the third and fourth paragraphs of article 320 of the law of July 9th, 1991.

Our story

Logo 1993

Founded in 1993 by Monsieur Guy DELAHAYE, former administrator of the ANCR

Logo 2013

In 2013 BGR CARAÏBES celebrated 20 years of experience in the service of its clients.

Our team

BGR CARAÏBES has been expert in amicable and judicial debt recovery since 1993. We act throughout the Caribbean, in France, and internationally via our affiliation with the ANCR. BGR CARAÏBES will provide a full team of experts to handle your debt recovery and receivables.

The BGR CARAÏBES team includes salaried legal experts, portfolio managers, and field agents who have developed their expertise in the defense of debt recovery cases. Being skilled negotiators, their primary task is to recover what you are owed both rapidly and amicably.

Our employees are highly qualified and have two objectives: to provide excellent service and ensure your satisfaction.
Our team is backed by a network of huissiers, attorneys, and experts.

  • Lisette Crispin

  • Denise Charles-Nicolas

  • Encaisseur NORD

  • Frédéric Norbert

  • Vanessa Crispin

  • Encaisseur SUD

  • Administrators


Why BGR?

When you choose BGR CARAÏBES, the experts in the field of debt recovery for 20 years, you are choosing:

Préserver vos bonnes relations commerciales priviligier un recouvrement à l'amiable Suivre vos dossiers avec la plus grande transparence De nous rémunérer à la reussite

To maintain good business relationships

To favor amicable debt recovery

To monitor your cases with maximum transparency

To pay us when we succeed

We hope to use persuasion rather than force by using mediation and understanding.
We use tact and professional conduct to remind your clients who have accidentally gone into debt. We aim to maintain your good business relationships.

Our expertise in the field of debt recovery enables us to negotiate and insist upon realistic payments that reflect debtors’ financial situations.
We use firmness and courtesy to favor amicable debt recovery.

You are constantly informed of the progress of our action and of the results obtained.
You can choose to receive a report on the work carried out in the form of hard copy, online, or by email. Interactive processing of your cases.
We guarantee to repay the funds to you in the month following collection.

Fees are only applied in the event of success based on amounts actually collected, which ensures our speed and efficiency.
Our success depends on maximizing collection on behalf of our clients.


Management and monitoring

BGR (Bureau Gestion et Recouvrement) offers you management and advice. You can rely on BGR to provide expert assistance in pre-litigation.

Cases that are handled upstream are cases where the debt is successfully recovered.

BGR is mindful to assist in the management of risk because time really is money. We provide you with free advice, based on our 20 years of experience, before you entrust us with your debt collection.

BGR has a telephone helpline that is available from Monday to Friday, from 8am through to 5pm. Contact us


These are the pre-litigation tools offered by BGR CARAÏBES:

Reminder letter Final demand Acknowledgement of debt

Our commitments

PAYMENT BY RESULTS. NO legal cost incurred without your agreement. Home visits carried out by our experienced field agents. Online monitoring of cases via our client intranet. Free certificates of non-recoverability. Repayment of your funds within 30 days.

Your outstanding payments

Bank debt (direct debit, consumer credit, loan, etc.) that you want us to handle?

The information we need:
- An up to date statement
- The contract
- Amortization table
- Event of default

Do you have a dishonored check or draft?

Please note that when a client pays you by check, you have one year from the date of issue in which to cash it. If it is returned unpaid, your bank will send you a notification of refusal including the reason for the refusal, such as insufficient funds, loss, or theft.
We need both the check and the notification of refusal.

Do have an unpaid bill?

In addition to your bill, remember to get your client to sign a purchase order and/or a delivery order and even your terms and conditions.

Do you have unpaid rent?

-The lease signed by the parties.
-A statement of the outstanding rent payments.

Whatever your outstanding payments

When should you call on our services?

  • Your client has not settled their bill by the agreed date.
  • Your client has sent you a check or a draft that has been returned unpaid.
  • Your client has not given you their agreement of acceptance or for payment for a draft that has been issued, within the agreed time limit.

The occurrence of an outstanding payment may be a sign of deterioration in your client’s cash flow and may possibly be an indication of worse to follow. Therefore, you must remain vigilant.

It may simply be a slip-up by your client but it may also be a sign that they are having trouble in honoring their commitments. It is in your interest to monitor the payment of your bills carefully in order to detect any outstanding payments as soon as possible.

Remember that a request for more time to pay by your client can also have an effect on your cash flow.

Our solutions

Amicable debt recovery

Why should we succeed in recovering your debts when you have not succeeded in-house? We have experience, tools to which you do not have access, a strategic approach, training, availability, and our tenacity.

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Judicial debt recovery

Undertaking legal action will enable you to obtain a writ of execution to guarantee your debt for ten years.

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Rent collection

We offer solutions for unpaid rent to private, commercial, and social lessors, with eviction being the last resort.

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Searches / Investigations

We offer a search service in order to locate and discover the solvency of your debtors.

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